Looking for simple ways to keep your middle schooler engaged and learning at home? 

Invite them to become the BOSS of a virtual workplace! 

Middle schoolers can choose between running the local community center, delivering breaking news as Editor-in-Chief, or managing vital patient care as a Medical Director.

In each 30-minute “workday” your middle schooler will: 

  • Read 5,000 words 
  • Make 10 real-world leadership decisions 
  • Build essential life and career skills
  • Practice key reading and writing standards
  • Explore interesting careers

If your child reads their way through 12 days at work, that’s equivalent to completing a middle school chapter book!


Try "Being the Boss" Today 

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 Mistakes Were Made 

Brendan mixes up a patient's test results, leading to a misdiagnosis. The staff defends Brendan saying this was a system failure, not a personal error. The medical director must decide whether to update the clinic's systems or suspend Brendan.

To-Do List

To-Do Lists provide guidance and tips to help your child accomplish the items on their “to-do list” in each game.

Post-Game Worksheet

Post-Game Worksheets provide a chance for self reflection. Use the answer keys to help your child with the reading and writing tasks as needed.