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About Read to Lead 

Read to Lead is a 100% free and proven blended learning solution for students in grades 5-9. Teachers across the country use the game-based learning experiences to build core reading, writing, and leadership skills essential to each student's academic success today and the careers of tomorrow.

Invite your students to become the boss in one of the virtual workplaces below.

The free web-based curriculum is modular so students can move at their own pace, logging in any time of day for any length of time. One episode, or one “day at work”, takes about 30 minutes to complete. In that time, students read 5,000 words, make 10 leadership decisions, and practice Reading Anchor Standards. If students read their way through 12 episodes, that’s equivalent to completing a middle school chapter book!

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Are you looking for quick, ready-to-use lesson plans that are standards-aligned and can be used to meet your distance learning goals?

Read to Lead's distance learning lessons spark meaningful conversation, promote critical thinking, foster leadership, and find support as a class community. 

Each lesson is specifically designed for a distance learning setting complete with step-by-step directions and Google worksheets.